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Classic Bag in Box 5L

2 bag in box of 5 liters at 14 euros per liter

The classic extra virgin olive oil of Frantoio Paolocci is obtained from caninese, leccino and frantoio varieties, cold pressed with a continuous cycle extraction system.

It has a clear green color and light golden yellow tones.

The Bag in Box allows you to maintain the quality of the oil longer because it protects it from light, heat and oxidation caused by contact with air.

The Bag in Box is convenient because it is equipped with a tap to easily fill cruets and small bottles for the table.

The Bag in Box is recyclable: the outer casing is made of cardboard, recyclable with paper; the inner bag is recyclable with plastic.

The Bag in Box today represents the best and most ecological solution for oil packaging.

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